Geburtstagsglückwünsche Für Einen Untergebenen

Happy Birthday Wishes to a Subordinate

Es gibt immer viele Gründe, einen Geburtstag zu feiern. Es ist ein denkwürdiger Moment im Leben eines jeden Menschen, und ob er sich nun für eine Feier entscheidet oder nicht, es ist gut, den Tag zu etwas Besonderem für ihn zu machen und nicht nachlässig zu sein, wenn es darum geht, ihm zu gratulieren, selbst wenn es der Geburtstag eines Untergebenen ist.

Wenn Sie in Ihrem Leben schon einmal jemandem unterstellt waren, würden Sie lächeln, wenn Ihr Chef Sie mit Geschenken und Glückwünschen zu Ihrem Geburtstag beglückte. Das Gleiche können Sie auch bei anderen tun, wenn Sie sich in einer viel besseren Position gegenüber Ihren Untergebenen befinden.

Sending a birthday wish to a subordinate at work or any other place is just one of the little ways you can show him or her that you appreciate their effort and commitment.

As much as you want people to care about you and recognize the things that you do especially in the workplace, you should also channel your attention towards noticing the little selfless acts pulled by your subordinates. You can do this by sending some beautiful birthday wishes for a subordinate or a couple of congratulatory birthday messages for a subordinate.

Such a subordinate will surely feel the sincere appreciation in your messages. You could also send a few heartwarming birthday prayers to a subordinate. No matter the arrangement or type of message it is, birthday wishes are always cherished by all.

So, make your subordinate’s birthday blissful by sending them one or more of these top happy birthday wishes for a subordinate.

Best Birthday Wishes for Your Subordinate

Being a subordinate to me doesn’t mean I won’t value all the things you do to make work easier; you are a valuable member of this team and my wishes for you is to have the best birthday ever. Congratulations.

1. Congratulations to you on this day, you are very important to me and I value all the inputs and ideas you bring into this job to make it work.

2. Nothing would warm my heart more than to see you have a fun-filled day. You certainly deserve to be recognized and celebrated, happy birthday and congratulations.

3. Three hearty cheers for you, you certainly deserve to have been happy on this day, so take good care of yourself and having a wonderful day ahead.

4. Congratulations you made it today, I am happy that it is a +1 for you and I wish you get more than your heart desires today.

5. It has always been a wonderful feeling having you around. I just can’t hide the excitement that I feel knowing that today is a great day for you. from the depths of my heart I wish you a glorious birthday.

6. Today is certainly a great day and I more excited for you. I thank God that you made it through another year, and I am praying that you have a blissful new beginning from today. Happy birthday

7. You are family and family come together when it is time to celebrate. I celebrate with you today as you start a new circle in your life. Congratulations.

8. 365 days gone and another one has just begun, I am praying for the envelope of God’s mercies and protection on your life throughout your days. Do have a blast.

9. There shall not be days without birds in your sunny sky, the moon and stars in your nights, neither shall your barn be empty. All your life shall be filled with goodness and you shall live to the fullest.

10. The grace to go further and become better is what I wish for you, you shall not remain a subordinate forever but rather you shall grow to become some bigger and greater.

11. It is always a thing of joy working with you, you may see yourself as just another fruit in the fruit basket but I see someone younger and better than they think. Never forget that, congratulations.

12. Someone like you is a rare gem and I really want you to know that I appreciate every joy and excitement you bring to the workplace and I would like you to have a happy birthday.

13. I am always thankful to have you around, may the good Lord bless and fulfil your dreams as you celebrate today.

14. There are moments when I felt that I could count on you and you always proved yourself and didn’t disappoint. I am happy that it’s your birthday which is a win for all of us so congratulations.

15. I really do appreciate all you do to make the workplace lively and how you seem to take care of the customers. I am really blessed to have someone like you, happy birthday.

16. I didn’t need a genie or a soothsayer to tell me that you are special, you have always been special and I want to congratulate you for another year in your life. May all your dreams and aspirations come to reality.

17. Happy birthday to one of the brightest and most promising individuals in our team, it is always a pleasure having you on this team and you pray that you grow in strength and become the best.

18. I worked with many and become close to a few. All I can say about you is that you are simply awesome in every aspect of your life. I hope to see you excel more in this life.

19. It is your time to celebrate and have a great day, I know you have been amazing all this while and I want you to know that your importance to us can’t be easily explained. Congratulations on your birthday.

20. Working with you is always something worth looking forward to, I hope you become more special just like you are special. Congratulations.

21. Birthdays come once in 365days; it shouldn’t be something to be ignored most especially as it concerns you. you are very important to me and may everything work together for your good, today and forever.

22. The life that you live is something that needs to be recognized and celebrated. Congratulations that you made today and I am happy to felicitate with you.

23. May your days be long, filled with joy and good cheers. You are the person that tends to make working fun and I pray your day is crowned with lots of fun and enjoyment. Happy birthday.

24. I must say I am lucky to have you on this team, you are such a positive motivation to the rest of your colleague and me. Congratulations as you celebrate today, happy birthday to you.

25. Birthday greetings to you, you have been nothing but helpful, selfless and amazing throughout these past few months with us. you are a blessing and I want you to keep doing what you do. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Prayer Messages for a Subordinate

Happy birthday, you are a subordinate today means you are going to metamorphose into your own leader tomorrow. And when that happens, you are going to get the same amazing loyalty that you have shown. These are my prayer messages for you.

26. As your life is a beacon, so shall you attract good things from all corners of the earth. Many more years of peace and celebrations to you, do have a wonderful birthday.

27. This is just the beginning for you, greater things are coming your way and you are excelling beyond your wildest imaginations. You shall always be at the top and nothing shall ever bring you down. Congratulations.

28. No one shall ever put a full stop in your life without the permission of God Almighty. In all your days nothing shall ever halt your progress because you are blessed already. Congratulations and happy birthday to you.

29. In your life, you shall never stop winning, you are a winner till your last breath and so shall it remain forever. Congratulations.

30. As God has blessed you, no one has the authority to curse you. Those that bless you are blessed and woe to those who try to curse you because they are cursed already. Congratulations on your birthday.

31. As you celebrate today, so shall your enemies who sought to destroy your life be put to shame and neither shall they rear their heads in your life anymore. Happy birthday.

32. I am praying for God’s everlasting protection in your life, today is your birthday and I want you to have one of the most memorable birthdays ever. Happy birthday.

33. I pray that when God calls the blessed and those He wants to show favour; your name shall top the list because you are wonderful. Happy birthday.

34. All the goodness in your heart and the joy that follows you shall not work against you neither shall your life be devoid of favours. Congratulations as you celebrate today.

35. By the reason of this day, you shall not lack money and good things neither shall the protection of God leave you and your family. Happy birthday.

36. Because of you, your family is blessed and highly favoured. They shall never be void of reasons to be happy neither shall they ever stop celebrating you. happy birthday.

37. I know trials will come and people will become jealous of what you have done and achieved, but I pray that God will always show himself in your life in those moments and every bad circumstance will work in your favour. Happy birthday.

38. The heart of kings and queens are in the hands of God; those he has positioned to bless you today shall find you always. As you celebrate today so shall your life remain prosperous forever.

39. It is the celebration of life and the start of a new beginning of greater things that are getting ready to reach you. your life shall always carry meaning and nothing shall ever hurt you. happy birthday.

40. Today marks the era of God’s favour on your life. As you celebrate today, so shall people alien and close to you celebrate with you. The greatness of your life shall not be taken away from you. happy birthday.

41. As you celebrate today, I pray for more grace upon your life to keep winning and the anointing to keep overcoming every obstacle set before you. congratulations.

42. You are destined to succeed and there will be no limit on how far you will go. God who has kept you till this day will keep sustaining you and He shall bless you. happy birthday.

43. May this day never be the last birthday you will ever celebrate and may this celebration never be the last one you will ever have; all your days shall be filled with thanksgiving. Happy birthday.

44. I pray this day brings you peace as it signifies the start of another circle in your life, you shall not be caught in a time loop that will bring you disappointment. You shall always remain blessed.

45. From today, every failure is turned to work in your favour, obstacles are turning into your stepping stone and everyone that has ever caused you disappointment shall remember you for appointments. Congratulations on your birthday.

46. There is nothing holding you from succeeding this day, the labours of your hands are blessed and all that you set your heart to do shall prosper. Happy birthday.

47. I pray against every dark cloud cast against you and every veil placed on the eyes of your helpers from seeing you. you will always remain great as you celebrate your birthday.

48. You are a great person and the potentials that you carry shall not be hidden from those that will make meaning out of it neither shall it become useless or be used against you. happy birthday.

49. I pray that your good health and long life is backed with prosperity. You shall not lack the best things in life and nothing shall cut your life short. Congratulations and happy birthday.

50. As you celebrate today, there shall be no evil eyes on your life neither shall there be any destruction planned against you or your family. You are already destined to be a great, happy birthday.

Birthday Quotes for a Subordinate at Work

Everything you do at work is a constant reminder that you are a good person and your unquestionable character and loyalty make you the best subordinate. A thousand birthday quotes just for you wouldn’t be enough to appreciate you because you are simply awesome.

51. I just want you to know that every moment you spend working for me is always appreciated. I couldn’t have asked for a better worker than you. congratulations.

52. When it comes to handling difficult problems and bringing invaluable ideas, it is you I can count on. Thank you for being such a dedicated and amazing person and I wish you a happy birthday.

53. Celebrations are one of the joys of life, so I want to celebrate you because you have always been worth celebrating even from the moment you started working for me.

54. There are no moments that I wouldn’t wish you came earlier, because right from the moment you came around, everything is becoming easier and better. Three hearty cheers and happy birthday to you.

55. Your simplicity and your ability to cause positive change in the workplace is some of your best attributes I really admire. Wish you a blissful birthday.

56. Whatever you do, do not forget that your life is precious and it is a gift to the world. So be happy and proud because it’s your birthday.

57. Sometimes as humans you fail to show appreciation to the ones you truly care about but that shouldn’t deter you from enjoying the gift and love life has given you. so enjoy your birthday.

58. Every morning you wake up; I pray life gives you a renewed strength and hope to deal with whatever it throws at you and the will to succeed. Happy birthday.

59. My wish for you today is that life reciprocates the same love and care you show to others around you. congratulations on your birthday.

60. May your life be filled with the sweetness of life and your heart become fat with joy and may you never have a reason to experience the pains it brings. Happy birthday.

61. Happy birthday. May blessings rain down for you from above and may your outstanding life attract great people from all corners of the earth.

62. Happy birthday, I wish you the most joyous moment in the history of your birthday celebrations because you are a wonderful person. And may the gift of finding true happiness never elude you.

63. May you never stop shining as you celebrate today and may your glory never be eclipsed by trials and troubles of life, happy birthday.

64. Your life is a masterpiece written by a genius author, it gets better with new chapters and wherever you go there is always a shining light that follows you. happy birthday.

65. As the earth is guided by the force of attraction of the sun so shall you be guided by the love of the almighty. Stay safe and have a wonderful birthday.

66. My wish for you is that your stress becomes a pathway for your progress and your sorrows become a gateway to an unlimited well of joy.

67. May this day bring you a fresh start to greater moments ahead and may it be filled with good luck, good health and happiness. Happy birthday.

68. I am wishing you a wonderful birthday filled with much laughter, joy, happiness and a year that will bring you much success and no regrets.

69. It is a great day, you are feeling excited and blessed that you came our way. It is your birthday so make it fun and big, congratulations.

70. I wishing you a great year of joy, fulfilment and may all life’s blessings be wrapped on a platter just for you on your birthday. Congratulations and better years ahead.

You may think that a wish or prayer wouldn’t mean much to whoever you are sending it to but I tell you that it does. Sending a birthday wish to your subordinate reminds him or her that you value the little things about them. A wish or birthday message doesn’t cost much but it has value, so you shouldn’t hold back when it is a subordinate’s birthday. Feel free to use any of the above happy birthday wishes for a subordinate.