Niedliche Guten-Morgen-Botschaften Für Crush Weiblich Oder Männlich

Cute Good Morning Messages for Crush

Bist du hier, weil du dich in jemanden verknallt hast und dieser Person morgens das Gefühl geben willst, etwas ganz Besonderes zu sein, damit sie einen tollen Tag hat und wahrscheinlich an dich denkt? Bravo! Das ist ein guter Schritt, wenn man in jemanden verknallt ist. Frag dich nicht, woher ich weiß, dass das ein guter Schritt ist, denn ich war auch mal so.

Yes! I was once in your shoes. I understand how it feels when there is just this person who has got your attention, this very person whose presence makes your heart race as though it would explode. Their voice becomes the coolest to you and their steps the loveliest. Just everything about them becomes the perfection you have always wanted to define. The thoughts of them make you lose concentration as every ounce of it transits you to the realm of fantasy and ecstasy. You just want to make them happy and get their attention by every means possible.

Now, here is good news: It is good to feel that way towards someone. Yes, it means you are human, it means you are normal. But see this; expressing your feelings will be better, and I know that’s why you are here. And perfect! you took the right action to want to do this in the morning. The morning is one of the best times to express your love and care towards your loved one because it gets them set for the day and makes them feel loved and cared for by you.

Therefore, you don’t have to hesitate in sending your love to your crush in the morning. Who knows if they love you too and just waiting for you to make the first move. It could even be a way to get their attention and make them fall for you. Like I said earlier, I was once in your shoes and making my crush wake up to sweet messages from me help the situation. You can do that too.

Below are cute good morning messages for crush you shouldn’t hesitate to send to them. Copy and send your favourite to him/her and you can as well, let me know your favourite in the comment section below.

Cute Good Morning Texts for Your Crush

Make every moment in the day count for your crush. Make them know how much you think about them and wish them the best as they set for a new day. All these you can do with the cute good morning texts for your crush below. Awesome good morning messages for crush to wake up to.

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1. The sunrise is beautiful but can’t be as beautiful as you are. Your beauty has no rival. Perhaps that’s why I find myself drooling whenever I see you, and right now, I can’t help but wish you a great day. Good morning, dearie.

2. What matters every day is the possibility of seeing your cute face. That’s what makes my day. I hope I will get to see you once again. Have a good morning, sweets.

3. Babe, I am committed to seeing you happy and fine every morning. That’s why I am sending this to wish you a hitch-free day. Go ahead and enjoy your day and bear in mind that someone right here thinks about you.

4. If it’s not you, it would be you. Everything about you gets me motivated, inspired and moving in life. You are a man every woman would covet. I like you so much. Thanks for being there for me. Do have a good morning, dear.

5. You are the perfect person I want to associate with every single moment. You are good in all way round. I wish this day be good for you just as you have been good to people around you. I cherish you so much. Good morning!

6. Wake up, beauty queen. The day is set to usher in good tidings and memorable experiences. All you have to do is to be ready to receive them. Good morning, my beautiful one.

7. I find pleasure thinking about you. I find delight waking you up to a new day, and I find fulfilment sending you my sincere wishes to help you have a nice day. Good morning, cherished one.

8. Nothing matters more than seeing you happy always. That’s why I am wishing you an overflow and joy and peace this dawn. Good morning and have a great day, dearest.

9. I have come to realise that what makes me happy is not far from you. I just don’t know why but no matter what the reason may be, just ensure you are cool today so I can be happy. Good morning!

10. Hey, handsome, wake up and behold what I have sent you through the coolness of the dawn. They are to usher you into a wonderful day. Go ahead and have a great day. Good morning.

11. Good morning, cute one. I want you to enjoy every single moment of the day. I will be here in thinking about you and wishing you well. Have a swell day!

12. If I have only one opportunity to make a wish today, I would use it on you and make you enjoy an awesome. That’s how much I can go for you. Good morning, darling.

13. I have always wanted to let you know that you deserve nothing but the best. I am glad I found the chance to tell you that today. Have the best as you go out today. Good morning, lovely one.

14. Good morning, precious one. A day filled with love, joy, peace, and bliss is the wish to you from a heart that loves you carelessly. Go into it with enthusiasm.

15. The reason I won’t stop loving and chasing you is that your name has been inscribed in my heart and I can’t just help it. You control me now, babes. Yeah, thoughts of you control my heart. Have a nice day and make my heart glad.

16. I always wish the day comes that I will get to hold you, look into your charming eyes and tell you how your awesomeness intimidates me. You are just too amazing. Good morning and have a great day.

17. Beautiful experiences are for beautiful ones like you. Go on into the day and enjoy every bit of you. Good morning, dearest and have a nice day ahead.

18. I want to be your guard every moment of the day if only you would allow me. That’s how much I am desperate to keep you safe. Do have a safe and cool day. I will always love you.

19. Good morning, cutie. I don’t know what you think of me, but I really wish you see me the way I see you. Every time I see you leaves me carelessly amazed. I am pretty into you. This can’t be infatuation.

20. It’s a good time to wish you a good day. I pray you have even the best of the day too. Do enjoy yourself and have it in mind that someone cares about you. Good morning!

Good Morning Quotes to Your Crush

Wouldn’t you be glad if your crush gets to think of you the same way you think of them? That would be awesome! You can get him or her into thinking of you all through the day by sending them these specially written good morning quotes first thing in the morning. They are thrilling good morning messages for crush.

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21. Just in case no one has reminded you how beautiful you are, I would be glad to be the first to do that this morning. Good morning and have a great day.

22. Every thought of you makes me wish I could give you everything you love in the world to make you happy always. I cherish you so much. Good morning.

23. Get yourself ready for an amazing day because that is what you deserve; a day as awesome as you are. Good morning, fine one.

24. I want you to know you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. The thoughts of having you around me make me smile carelessly. You deserve a blissful day, darling. Good morning.

25. Everything here is beautiful and cool but It still baffles me why I haven’t seen one as beautiful ad enthralling as you. You are just so unique. Go ahead and have a unique day. Good morning, precious one.

26. Good morning, finest. I hope you had a great night time. Everything about this morning promises a great day. Just informing you to be ready for it. Enjoy!

27. I am yet to see what makes sense than having you around me every moment. Your presence is so magical. Can I have some of it today, please? Good morning!

28. Look around you, the calmness of the morning, the beauty of nature, everything is a mirror of what you are. You are calm and beautiful. I just love you for who you are. Do have a great morning.

29. Look through your window and see the beautiful sky. I guess it makes you feel cool. That’s how the sight of you makes me feel. You are my muse. Good morning.

30. Having you around yesterday is what I will forever cherish. You are a great inspiration and I hope I get more of you. I hope you slept well last night. Good morning.

31. I am sending you this because I don’t know what else to do. I am here carried away with thoughts of your beautiful self. I just wonder why I didn’t know you from my very beginning on earth. You are amazing. I wish you a good morning and an awesome day ahead.

32. Good morning, dearest. You are unique and I have fallen head over heels for you. Please, make sure you have a nice day because that’s what makes me satisfied.

33. The fact that you are away from my touch doesn’t affect how I feel about you. It makes it even deeper. You are always in my heart, dearest. Good morning.

34. Good morning, cheerful one. I am always amazed at how you make everyone happy around you and you got even me too. You are the real deal, babes. Do enjoy a joyous day.

35. Good morning to the most beautiful woman I have ever met. You are good to go any time and any day; just perfect for every purpose. I love your personality. Have a great day.

36. I never thought I could be this obsessed with anyone again. I must confess you have got my mumu button… Smiles. Do enjoy yourself, damsel. Good morning.

37. Good morning, pretty. I never knew beauty has got a form until I saw you. You are the true definition of beauty; within and without. That’s a confession. I really admire you.

38. The way the thoughts of you make me feel each day gives me the strength and enthusiasm to want to live forever. You are just too amazing. Good morning to you, amazing one.

39. I am sure you slept pretty well because I prayed for the Father to give you the best night ever. And now, I wish you a great day. Good morning, handsome.

40. Good morning, cool guy. I hope you got the present of a good night rest that I sent to you last night. I am wishing you an awesome day. Good morning and be cool as always. Much love for you!

Wishing Your Crush A Good Day

Wishing the one you love a good day is more or less wishing yourself same because whatever happens to them can determine your mood all through the day. So, get the day started on a good note by sending them these awesome messages to wish your crush a good good day.

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41. Good morning to the woman who has got my heart. I never understood how strong the pull of love is until I met you. I think I am in love with you, dear.

42. I woke up this morning with thoughts of you. Everything seems to make sense when I think of you. Here am I, wishing you a fruitful and beautiful day. Good morning, darling.

43. Good morning, dearest. I must confess your enthralling personality is hard to resist. You keep pulling me even when I don’t understand why. You’ve so got my heart that I can’t resist you. I am in love!

44. Speak of a perfect person and I will mention your name a thousand times. Everything about you is what I have always wanted in my woman. You have gotten my whole attention, girl. I can’t help but wish you a bright day. Good morning!

45. Good morning, most adorable. I wish you morning with love, noon with strength and night with comfort. Go ahead and have a wonderful day and I will be there thinking about you.

46. Hey, dude, I hope you enjoy a perfect day today. That’s what an awesome person like you deserve. Just be safe out there and I will be fine here. Good morning.

47. Good morning, best friend. I am seriously longing for a time with you. I think today will be perfect for that. Let’s make the day beautiful together.

48. No one knows what true love is until they feel exactly what I feel for you. My heart gets so attached to you as though you are the only one in the world. Good morning and I wish you a good day ahead.

49. Good morning, dear. Recently, I began to wonder whether there is a magnetic component in my heart that the doctors have refused to tell me. This is because I find it pulling me to you, and that just happened this morning again.

50. Let me not say many words because they will only dilute what I want to express. Just know there are many speakings behind my silence. Good morning, sweetheart, have a good day.

51. The last thing on my mind last night was you and the first thing that came to my mind this morning is you. Can’t you see how special you are to me? I cherish you so much. Do have a good day, dear.

52. You are going to have a blissful day because that’s what I have prayed for the Father to do. Just go ahead and enjoy it, darling. Good morning and have a good day.

53. Only an Angel can be as beautiful as you are. Just tell me you are one because everything about you is unique. And I love you that way. Good morning, angel.

54. Good morning, sweetheart. You have an irresistible personality. I guess that’s why my heart can’t just resist being with you and this morning, I want to be with you.

55. I knew I had met the perfect person for me the first time I met you. I just hope you get to see me the way I see you. Good morning and do have a wonderful day.

56. Everything God created is good but you, you are the best, for everything about you shows it to be so. Good morning, perfect beauty.

57. Did you know you are just perfect to be the Sun that illuminates the day? Yeah! Your beauty is worth it. Go ahead and shine so bright as you go out today. Good morning, dearest.

58. Good morning, sweets. When I met you, little did I know I had met an angel. I would have gone away with you to a very distant place where I can be alone with you to enjoy your glory.

59. I have learnt many things but have not learnt the perfect way to wish you a good morning. I hope these few words convey my wishes for the day to you. Good morning, darling.

60. I can’t be happier than I am when with you. Your great sense of humour takes me to the peak of excitement that I wouldn’t want to come back. You are my joy, dear. Good morning.

Good Morning Sms for Crush Long Distance

It doesn’t matter whether your crush is far away from you. What matters is what you feel for them and how you express it. Make how you feel known to them first thing in the morning and conquer the distance with these awesome and cute good morning Sms for crush long distance. The best good morning messages for your crush to have a great day.

61. The moment I set my eyes on you, I knew nothing would stop me from loving you, not even the distance. You are really dear to my heart. Good morning and have a blessed day.

62. Holding your hands may not be achievable now but one thing I am sure of is that I will also care for you come what may. I hope you sleep well. Don’t hesitate to beep me when you need anything. Good morning, dear.

63. Good morning, sweetheart. I hope you had a good night time. I am wishing you a perfect day ahead. Good morning and always remember I care about you a lot.

64. You are far away from me but so close to my heart. One good reason you should stay safe and stay out of trouble. My heart doesn’t have the strength to bear it if anything happens to you. Please, be fine for me. Good morning.

65. I really don’t know why the thoughts of you never leave my heart even when you are away, but one thing I am sure of is that I want you to e fine always. Good morning and have a blessed day, dear.

66. Good morning, beauty Queen. You really need to know how much I miss you around. Come back soon, dear and make my heart merry again.

67. I can choose when to do many things but can’t choose when to think of you because every moment of my life has been taken over by thoughts of you. And it’s happening again this morning.

68. I never knew I can miss someone this way. You have really got my heart and I want it to be safe with you. Good morning and enjoy every bit of your day. I love you.

69. Amazing moments are for amazing persons like you. Go ahead and have an amazing day. Good morning, darling.

70. I will never allow a day pass without sending you my wishes and telling you how much I miss you. Work has been boring without you. Do come back soon, dear. Good morning.

71. Reasons I can’t do without you are yet to be known. I just know I want the best for you and want to always be with you. Just make sure you have a swell day. Good morning, love.

72. Everything about you makes me want to go with you wherever you go. Since it’s impossible, I will be here wishing you the best. Good morning and have the best as you go out today.

73. I am overwhelmed with excitement this morning because I will get to see you today. I have really missed you. Do come back on time ad have a safe journey. Good morning!

74. Hey, dude! I feel like going out with you today but the distance wouldn’t allow me. Just be fine wherever you go and I will be fine here. Good morning and have a good day.

75. You are my joy giver and the distance between us doesn’t stop that. I will always be happy whenever I think of you. Good morning and enjoy your day.

76. Good morning, dearest. May this day be to you, a day filled with joy and no sorrow. Everything about the day will bring you joy. Enjoy yourself there.

77. I am glad to reach you today. I hope you are doing great over there. Just to let you know I miss you here badly. Good morning and enjoy your day. Much love for you.

78. Good morning, damsel. Hope you slept well. I thought of you all through the night and now I am still thinking of you. I really miss you.

79. My joy is complete when you are happy. Please, make it complete all through today. Be happy and forget whatever bothers you. Good morning, dearest.

80. Good morning to the finest dude I know. I hope your night was cool. I am wishing you a hitch-free day without many wins. Have a great day, darling.

Funny Good Morning Texts for Your Crush

You can make your crush laugh even while you express how much you love and care for them. A good sense of humour might be that key to winning their heart. So, give that a trial by sending them one or more of these funny good morning texts for your crush. Amazing good morning messages for your crush.

81. See who wants to be fine always and make me lose concentration. Yeah, you’ve achieved that because I can’t seem to get you off my head. Just make sure you are not too fine today so I can concentrate. Good morning, dear.

82. I never wanted to love again but it’s like you were born with a magical love spell that bounds and never releases. I am bound in your love and I must confess I don’t want to be free. Good morning!

83. Good morning, beauty Queen. I think it’s high time you told me where your kingdom is because I want to be your king. Don’t worry about a throne, I wouldn’t mind standing beside you all day.

84. Good morning, adorable one. Do you know that even when I try to take my eyes off you, my heart still follows you? I am beginning to think it needs medical attention. Are you a doctor, please?

85. Good morning, dear. I thought I am only supposed to see you during the day at work but why do I see you beside me every night? I mean in my dreams. You must be a dream intruder but I wouldn’t mind you intruding again.

86. Good morning, darling. What if I tell you that I scream your name a thousand times every day. Yeah, my heart does that. It echoes your name every now and then. I am beginning to suspect you have done something to my heart. But please, don’t undo it.

87. My heart is always joyous when you give a big smile. Please, keep smiling even while you are asleep. Good morning!

88. Please, don’t let yourself know that I said I like you. I just want it to be a secret between us. Can you do that? Smiles… Just wishing you a great day starting with a good morning.

89. I want to be happy this morning but you have to be happy first. Just tell me anything that will make you happy and I will do it, even if it will cost me travelling to heaven. Good morning, dearest.

90. Good morning to the cutest dude with the loveliest heart and most dangerous personality that has dangerously captured my heart.

91. I love the sound of your voice but hate the sight of you because it makes me lose control and want to hug you and tell you how awesome you are. You are really awesome. Good morning!

92. Let’s play a game. Give me your name and take mine, perhaps that will make me as cute as you are. Smiles. Just wishing you a good morning, dear.

93. You are my rivers of living water. Whenever I see you, I feel overflowing and want to explode. I just hope I don’t explode one day. Good morning, darling.

94. Good morning, love. Your uniqueness has really got my heart. You should have told me from the beginning that you are a heart robber and I would be prepared to be your hostage.

95. I enjoy every moment you are around me but you see, the moments you are away, I feel like running away from earth. Good morning!

96. Good morning, dear. I don’t mind thinking about you for years without food and water but I will just ensure someone is there with me so I could find a rescue peradventure I stop breathing.

97. Hey, dude, looking at you is like beholding an archangel that needs the care and pampering of a mortal human like me. Hope you wouldn’t mind coming for it today. Good morning!

98. Good morning, pretty one. Don’t forget your destination as you go out today. You are to be where pretty winners are. Have a successful day and remember to be safe.

99. I join the whole of the earth to wish you a good morning. I think I have to do that with my knees down so I won’t be dishonouring an angelic being like you.

100. I used to think angels are only in heaven until I met you. I still want to ask you the address to your apartment in heaven though. Good morning.

Oh! Here we are. I hope you found your favourite(s) among the cute good morning messages for crush. I know you would because I wrote them specially for your crush.

Go further to express how you feel; the butterflies that jump in your heart when you see your crush… Smiles. All of that can be expressed with these awesome messages. He or she may just be waiting for a move. So, help them have a great even as you get their attention.

And please, don’t forget I have been waiting here for you for feedback. Let me know how you feel about the post and your favourite among them in the comment section below. I would also appreciate if you share the post with friends who need them. Thanks.